Helps relieve hip and back pain
associated with wearing:

  • an orthotic walking boot

  • a post-operative shoe

  • a CROW boot

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Health Care Professionals

The five most hated words at your office...."I can't wear this thing!"

Its not their fault. Some patients simply cant tolerate even a slight leg length discrepancy that is induced by wearing a fracture boot. The Evenup Orthotic Shoe Lift solves this problem for them and you.

Don't get mad, get Evenup

A recent award winning study conducted at Temple University's Gait Lab showed that wearing the Evenup device causes the subject's gait to more closely resemble normal speed. It also showed that it may increase compliance in patients using a CAM walker due to perceived benefits of comfort and stability. Read more...

Evenup can be purchased by phone, online or through these distributors:

I would like to refer my patients to Evenup. I will then recieve pads, a mouse pad, a couple of brochure stands and advertisements.
I would like you to contact my local medical supply store and ask them to carry Evenups.
I would like to sell Evenups in my office. Please send me the order form and information on how to get free shipping.