Helps relieve hip and back pain
associated with wearing:

  • an orthotic walking boot

  • a post-operative shoe

  • a CROW boot

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Evenup Single Unit

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Evenup Single Unit
Evenup Single Unit
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The Evenup Orthotic Shoe Lift is the answer to hip and knee pain caused by uneven gait due to walking with an orthotic walking boot or wound care shoe or uneven leg lengths caused as a result of hip replacement surgery.

Evenup provides a 1/2" to 1" lift to help offset the additional height brought about by wearing an orthotic walking boot or other apparatus. Evenup works on both the left and right foot. No designation is required.

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Rating Even Ups Are Great
What the doctor may not tell you when you can finally put weight on your air cast is that the unevenness of your gait is going to have painful consequences for your back. Get an Evenup as soon as you can. This product easily attaches to your shoe and is easily changed. You might need to try it on different shoes so you get the right height and your gait is even, but do that. The Evenup makes all the difference as whether you will walk comfortably or awkwardly and whether you will minimize additional injury to your back and hips. Another patient saw me wearing mine at the hospital and wanted to know where to get one. I suggested to my orthopedist that he inform his patients about the Evenup when he put them in casts. If you are hobbling around in a cast and your gait is uneven, order one of these today. You will be glad you did.
  Reviewed by:   from Columbus, Ohio. on 6/18/2018
Rating Evenup is great
The day I got my boot for an injured tendon, I ordered an Evenup. It came two days later and has been a faithful and needed companion ever since. I have had no problems with my hips since I have been wearing it and it is very easy to fit on every shoe I have worn it with, I can't imagine going through 6 weeks of an ortho boot without one.
  Reviewed by:   from Salem. on 6/6/2018
Rating Saved my hip!
Love how these helped keep me an even step, and saved my back and hip. And it was delivered super fast!
  Reviewed by:   from MO. on 5/19/2018
Rating M
This is great product that made a big difference while wearing a walking boot for many weeks. Worked great with a running shoe. The customer service was excellent helping me decide the size and sending it out same day. I was between sizes and ordered down as product was able to stretch.
  Reviewed by:   from MA. on 5/12/2018
Rating RN
I was having pain in left ankle due to limping. I had a fracture boot on my right foot for 9 weeks. MD suggested to buy Even Up for my left foot. It worked great and took my pain away in my left ankle, no more limping. Was same height as my fracture boot.
  Reviewed by:   from PA. on 5/6/2018
Rating Mrs.
This unit did not really work for me. It was not high enough for the boot I had. I still had a hard time walking due to unevenness. Only wore it one time. The day I wore it was for my follow-up appt. Don't need it again. A waste of funds.
  Reviewed by:   from Chatsworth, CA. on 5/3/2018
Rating Saved by Evenup
I was put into a walking boot & quickly discovered how off balance my body was. Almost immediate back, hip & knee pain. My podiatrist showed me the Evenup device & after hobbling around for a couple more days decided to purchase. Almost as quickly as I was unbalanced, the Evenup made a huge difference. I was walking at a more natural gait & was much less sore all over by the end of my busy work day (I'm an OR RN) on my feet!
  Reviewed by:   from Nevada. on 4/27/2018
Rating ms
Excellent product! Used for over a month now - including travel where averaged 2-3 miles/day (mostly museums)
  Reviewed by:   from ohio. on 4/22/2018
Rating Made a big difference
I am in a boot for at least 6 weeks due to a chip fracture in my right foot. After just a few days of the boot only, my left hip was really aching. The Evenup makes a big difference - making both legs the same length and improving my walking gait. It's comfortable and easy to wear with sneakers. I walked 6-8 miles a day on vacation in Japan with the boot and Evenup and never had any pain. I highly recommend.
  Reviewed by:   from Danbury CT. on 4/17/2018
Rating Even Up Orthotic Shoe
Excellent product. Helped me walk evenly while I was in my boot. Very comfortable. Would definitely recommend.
  Reviewed by:   from Brooklyn. on 4/13/2018