Helps relieve hip and back pain
associated with wearing:

  • an orthotic walking boot

  • a post-operative shoe

  • a CROW boot

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Evenup Single Unit

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Evenup Single Unit
Evenup Single Unit
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The Evenup Shoe Balancer is the answer to hip and knee pain caused by uneven gait dues to walking with an orthotic walking boot or wound care shoe or uneven leg lengths caused as a result of hip replacement surgery.

Evenup provides a 1/2" to 1" lift to help offset the additional height brought about by wearing an orthotic walking boot or other apparatus. Evenup works on both the left and right foot. No designation is required.

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Rating Simple, innovative and necessary
I didn't wear it long but I know it prevented additional pain in hips, knees and back. Used one, then both layers, depending on the sneaker and ultimately used both. They should be offered in doctors' offices automatically with the boot. Not everyone thinks of the consequences of walking unbalanced. A little pricey but if you need the third layer nowhere else sells it. I ended up not needing the third layer. If you wear a real flat shoe on the other foot then perhaps it's needed. Nancy Nancy
  Reviewed by:   from Austin. on 5/26/2017
Rating Ms.
This is a wonderful product! It has made a big difference in the way I walk since I am wearing an orthotic walking boot. It has kept my back from hurting. I would certainly recommend it.
  Reviewed by:   from Collierville, Tennessee. on 5/25/2017
Rating Great Product!
I purchased this to alleviate hip and back pain associated with wearing a walking boot. It was great! It fit easily over my tennis shoe and I felt much more even when I walked with my orthopedic boot. I would recommend this product.
  Reviewed by:   from Bend, OR. on 5/23/2017
Rating ~
I liked this product a lot. If you should change anything about it the rubber does rub off and leaves marks on my shoe. Other than that it really helped!
  Reviewed by:   from San Diego. on 4/30/2017
Rating Simple and highly effective!
Came to know about this from a flyer and tried it, later realized that is very much needed, without this the other leg used to pain if walk for a short while. Can use it on sandals, shoes and slip-on as well. Putting on and taking off is very easy. Will definitely recommend!
  Reviewed by:   from Thousand Oaks. on 4/25/2017
Rating Helpful for the back
The Physical Therapist I was seeing for back problems, while I was in a cast and unable to walk, recommended that I get one of these before moving into a walking boot. It definitely helped to keep my feet more even when I started walking - even a brief walk in the house without it felt much harder on my back. Thankfully I only needed it for a few weeks, but was glad I had it for the time it was needed.
  Reviewed by:   from Oakland, CA. on 4/21/2017
Rating Evenup plus
Just placed an order for my second pair so I don't have to keep switching they seem to work well and help alot.
  Reviewed by:   from Grove City. on 4/21/2017
Rating Even up
I have been wearing the even up for a few weeks now and it is helping a lot. Before I had it, I had back and leg pains because the fructure boot is higher without the evenup. Good product to have,
  Reviewed by:   from Virginia Beach. on 4/19/2017
Rating Leveler
I purchased an XL size, this was a difficult item to find. This item has saved my hips from becoming sore and tender. I have to walk miles at work and I couldn't work if it weren't for my leveler. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:   from Bluffton, IN. on 4/16/2017
Rating Mrs.
I am so happy a friend recommended this product. It has made a huge difference to wearing a boot for 4 weeks after foot surgery— the prior 8 weeks I was in a cast. It makes walking feel relatively normal again! My doctor didn't know about Evenup so I gave them your information. Every orthopedic clinic should give out the information so patients have the choice. I'm also glad I followed your sizing guidelines.
  Reviewed by:   from Neskowin, Oregon. on 4/4/2017