Helps relieve hip and back pain
associated with wearing:

  • an orthotic walking boot

  • a post-operative shoe

  • a CROW boot

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Optional Evenup Third Layer

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Optional Evenup Third Layer
Evenup Optional Third Layer
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The standard Evenup provides a 1/2" to 1" lift to help offset the additional height brought about by wearing an orthotic walking boot or other apparatus. Our optional 3rd layer is available should you require a lift up to 1 1/2" (typically for someone using a boot with a very high profile such as a diabetic walker or for someone with a permanent leg length discrepancy).

Evenup will accommodate only ONE extra layer.

Please note: Most of our customers do not require a 3rd layer.

Third layer will not work on its own. You must purchase an Evenup Shoe Balancer to use this product.


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Rating Even up and 3rd layer
Some background: I tore my Achilles, had surgery and eventually was put in a walking boot. I then purchased the Evenup Shoelift Device and was very happy with it. Fit all the shoes I wore. Got the 3rd lift because just two was not enough. For anyone who is healing from a torn Achilles I would think you need the 3rd layer because there were heel lifts (kinda like walking in high heels) placed in the boot so you don't over stretch the healing tendon. Everything worked wonderfully. No complaints whatsoever.
  Reviewed by:   from Sacramento, CA. on 9/18/2018
Rating Did Not Work for Me
I added the third layer in hopes it would make the Even Up work for me, but it did not. The concept of this product is wonderful and many people love it, but unfortunately, I continued to have excruciating back and hip pain until the doctor removed the Cam Boot and switched me to an orthopedic shoe.
  Reviewed by:   from Los Angeles. on 5/16/2018
Rating Don’t buy the optional extra lift!!
The optional lift that you can buy makes it so there is not enough room for the whole evenup to go on your shoe it kept falling off. Waste of money to purchase.
  Reviewed by:   from Washington. on 4/19/2018
Rating Third layer review
I used the third layer a few times, and while it helped to even up my legs, it didn't feel very stable. I used the small regular unit with success. Thanks.
  Reviewed by:   from Waynesville NC. on 12/22/2017
Rating Great idea, need two thicknesses
Great idea. The description that indicates most customers do not need the additional insight is correct. However, I was still not "squared up" with my boot so we added the third layer. Unfortunately, it was about an 1/8-1/4 of an inch too thick. I needed an option in between (about half the thickness of this pad) to truly create an even surface with my boot. My back and knee took on too much pressure due to the small diference. It's a well-made and thoughtful product but wish there were two thicknesses to solve my issue with my boot.
  Reviewed by:   from DC metro area. on 12/23/2016
Rating very helpful
I found this third layer very helpful in trying to even myself up. However, now with the third layer my shorter leg is a bit longer than my regular leg. I will need to find a way to even up both legs, but nevertheless I found the third layer very helpful Thank you!
  Reviewed by:   from Miami. on 12/15/2016