Helps relieve hip and back pain
associated with wearing:

  • an orthotic walking boot

  • a post-operative shoe

  • a CROW boot

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Evenup Single Unit

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Evenup Single Unit
Evenup Single Unit
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The Evenup Orthotic Shoe Lift is the answer to hip and knee pain caused by uneven gait due to walking with an orthotic walking boot or wound care shoe or uneven leg lengths caused as a result of hip replacement surgery.

Evenup provides a 1/2" to 1" lift to help offset the additional height brought about by wearing an orthotic walking boot or other apparatus. Evenup works on both the left and right foot. No designation is required.

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Rating Great Product
Doctors who put people in ortho walking boots should AUTOMATICALLY provide this necessary solution to keep gait even. This device helps prevent back and hip pain of an uneven gait. I am astounded that physicians don't AUTOMATICALLY prescribe this thing when they put people in big heavy boots. I'm really annoyed that I had to find out about it on my own.
  Reviewed by:   from Austin. on 5/13/2019
Rating ..
Using evenup saved my knees while I was in a boot by allowing me to walk more evenly. I was in between sizes and ended up with a size medium for athletic shoes and a small for street shoes. Worth every penny. It’s not a glamorous look, but I’ve mostly used it with dark shoes, and found that many people didn’t even notice it, at least not compared to the big old boot on my other foot. Using evenup helped me to feel more able-bodied during my recovery.
  Reviewed by:   from Memphis. on 4/30/2019
Rating Excellent item!!
This is the 2nd time I have had a broken foot, the first was about 5 years ago and I had a plastin 'boot' on the broken foot. Walking was so difficult and painful to my back and hip. I mentioned it to friends on facebook and was recommended this. Pain was gone after about a week. I broke my other foot last month and ordered a new lift, it was delivered the next day. I work in retail and customers ask about it. So thank you this is the best medical item ever!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Peachtree City. on 4/14/2019
Rating Huge Difference
Wish I had this product the day I got put in a walking boot. Made being on my feet and walking in the boot painless. Truly evens everything up and makes walking more normal.
  Reviewed by:   from Memphis. on 2/22/2019
Rating Leveler
I’m very satisfied with my purchase and also with the shipping. I requested and paid for expedited shipping and received the product promptly. I like that the leveler came with two removable pads so I can adjust it for my needs. The product really does help to even my gait because I am wearing a surgical boot on the other foot. I know I would have aches and pains without it.
  Reviewed by:   from San Jose, CA. on 2/18/2019
Rating MRS
The lift was perfect and made life a whole lot better having to wear this sucker for two months. Only wish you made a lift for dressier shoes too. Got lots of good comments bout the lift and where I got it. So I gave you a couple of referrals. Thanks. It really does help a lot. J. Obie
  Reviewed by:   from HAYMARKET, VA. on 2/7/2019
Rating Helpful Item
I'm glad I bought it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone but I had some "issues". I guess the biggest issue that I have is that my shoes have about a one inch sole. I am dealing with tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and spurs in one foot and I wear a boot at work on occasion for stability as I'm constantly standing or walking. I think I could use a smaller insert to bring my other foot up 3/4 of an inch. I'm still wobbling but my hips and knees have thanked me! The item itself is well made, easy to put on and well worth the money.
  Reviewed by:   from Cape Cod, Mass. on 1/7/2019
Rating Awesome
Best thing ever!!!! So glad I got one!
  Reviewed by:   from MAURERTOWN VA. on 1/6/2019
Rating Indispensable product if you have an aircast
I have not tried surviving without the EvenUp (during an Achilles’ tendon repair recovery with walking aircast boot for one month) BUT I can assume it would have been much more difficult to retain a correct gait and to walk normally without it. You will end up limping highly on your BAD foot with the boot if you don’t have the EvenUp. And anything to avoid that is good. Your goal is to retain as much a normal gait as possible. This product helps enormously. Two adjustable lifts will work close enough with any of your sneakers or hiking boots. Don’t try to wear “regular” shoes. Product is simple but does the job. $$$ is expensive for the amount of time (usually one month) you’ll need it. But in absence of anything else that will do the job, you need this. They’ve found the niche and deserve the credit.
  Reviewed by:   from New York NY. on 1/6/2019
Rating Retired
It really helped decrease back and hip discomfort while I was in the boot. Highly recommend. Barb Mc
  Reviewed by:   from Columbus,OH. on 12/23/2018